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08 Jan 2018

by Jellybean Junction

Crochet Star Pattern

I absolutely love making little crochet stars! They are a quick and easy make and can be made in any weight of yarn. I string mine together to create garlands which I sell in my Etsy shop.

I’ve written the pattern below so you can make your own, I’ve given details of the yarn/hook that I use but as long as you use the appropriate size hook you can use any yarn you like – the chunkier the yarn the bigger the star!

Crochet Star Pattern

What you’ll need:

  • Aran cotton
  • 4mm crochet hook
  • scissors
  • darning needle


  • ch – Chain
  • st – Stitch
  • dc – Double Crochet (US Single Crochet)
  • htr – Half Treble Crochet (US Half Double Crochet)
  • tr – Treble Crochet (US Double Crochet)
  • dtr – Double Treble Crochet (US Treble Crochet)

Pattern is written in UK terms


Make a magic circle.

Round 1 – (working into the magic circle) ch3 (counts as first tr), 14tr into magic circle, ss to top of beginning ch3 (15trs)

Round 2 – *ch6, dc into 3rd chain from hook, htr in next ch, tr in next ch, dtr in last ch, skip 2 st’s and ss to next st and join the point back to the centre*.

Repeat from * to * 4 more times to create a 5 pointed star.

Fasten off, sew in ends and block start to get sharper points.

TIP – Depending on the final use for the stars you might want to block them with a 50/50 mixture of pva glue and water. This is the technique I use for my garlands as they hang better and don’t curl.


I really hope you enjoy this pattern! Please remember to tag me in any Instagram posts as I’d love to see your makes (@jellybean_junction).

Happy hooking x

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