Caron Cakes Stripe Blanket

caron cakesA few months ago I jumped on the bandwagon and bought myself a couple of Caron Cakes from my local Hobbycraft – they were on offer, that was my excuse! There was a really great selection of colourways available but I settled on this one – Funfetti, with shades of purple, pink and warm orange in between I was really happy.

If you haven’t had a chance to play with one of these cakes before they are a lovely thick aran weight yarn and because of the acrylic/wool mix (80%/20%) they are perfect for blankets – still soft but super warm!

I got the cakes home (I bought two of them) and squished them for a while, admiring the delicious colours and had a think about what I could make with them – nothing, my mind was completely blank! I knew that they were perfect for scarfs but it was May and not really the time of year for making winter accessories. I realised they were destined to become a blanket but the sudden colour change you get with them (it literally changes colour within 2 stitches) scared me. I didn’t like the idea of not knowing when my yarn was going to change colour so after a bit more thinking I put them on a shelf in my craft room where they sat and looked pretty!

A month or so later I had a hankering to make a new blanket. I had just started a rainbow v-stitch blanket and it reminded me how much I love that stitch – simple but beautiful. I went shopping in my yarn stash (had a look through all of the draws and boxes!) and the Caron Cakes caught my attention – sudden brain wave! I had an idea and I had the yarn, it was perfect.

To make the blanket I decided to use a 5mm hook and alternate stripes between the Caron Cake and some Paintbox Simply Aran (Champagne White) that I had in my stash.

Starting from the center of the cake I hooked up a chain to give me the width I wanted for my blanket  (for a detailed v-stitch pattern go and check out The Patchwork Heart ) the first row was also using the cake and from then on I alternated with cream every other row.

I was unsure how I would feel about the sudden colour change but fortunately for me I’d chosen a cake with a couple of fairly subtle changes. The first was dark purple to light purple, it happened mid-row and I decided to roll with it, I hated the idea of frogging it (undoing it) and forcing the change by cutting the yarn! I made the choice to let the colour changes happen as and when they liked – not an easy choice believe me!

The yarn then changed to a gorgeous pink (my favourite of the 5 colours) then into a warm orange and finally a mustard yellow shade. When I came to the end of the mustard yellow section I decided to stop. The blanket was a good size and I thought I could use the rest of the cake for the border.

Once I had finished sewing in all the ends I decided on a simple border. I neatened the edge with a foundation row of granny clusters – 3 trs (US dcs). I then used the cake to finish the border, I chose the dark purple colour for the first round of dcs (US scs) and then the light purple for the second row of dcs (US scs). I added my gorgeous leather name tag from JSLaserCraft and voila!

I am so pleased with this blanket and hope to make more in the future. It was a relatively quick blanket to make and I think that you could use any of the Caron Cakes in this way and they would all produce wonderfully colourful blankets. If you fancy giving this a go you can buy Caron Cakes from various yarn stockists including Wool Warehouse and Hobbycraft.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my first yarn cake experience, please let me know if you make your own version. Feel free to send me a message or leave a comment below with any questions you may have.

Kate xx


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  1. I enjoyed reading about you and your venture into crochet. I enjoyed your first blog about your blanket using Caron Cakes. You have done well on your crochet projects, I see your posts on Instagram and thought you were a long time crocheter. Well done and look forward to reading further posts. Liz

  2. Interesting read! I have been very sceptical about these cakes myself and find hats boring and shawls ugly, which seems to be the main use of these cakes. Having said that, I would love to use one of the cakes because I like the idea of not having to change yarns for color changes because I hate sewing in ends.

    You have managed to make something very nice and modern looking and are starting to change my opinion of the cake! Well done! Gorgeous blanket!

  3. It is so nice to see that I am not the only one who squished caron cakes when bringing them home the first time. Hehehe. I also want to say I like your blog and you have given me a little kick in the backside to get back to blogging again. I have been bad about it the last few years.

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